Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Mattress and a TV

A mattress and TV ;

Another National championship another overnight stay in the horse box , another confirmation that money can’t buy everything .

However expensive and luxurious ones horse

Only sucking

During the Hickstead Premier League I could not avoid hearing the conversation between two well preserved Dressage Divas .
They were having a short break during the warm up before a test .

Can I have his number

The winter championship as always a great opportunity for a social get together .
Leaning on the bar ,at the Royal Exchange public house opposite the show venue , were Lady Suckley and Plump

The Truth

During the Myerscough Premier league , I was seated between two BD list one judges, watching the Mrs P GP test .
The test clearly did not go according to plan , the Mrs P plan . The only

Scores like this

During the Summer House Regional Championship
A Dressage Husband calls BD head office and requests to speak to someone “ IN AUTHROTY “
“I Will see if Jason is available “ replied the