Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Horse Whisperer II

Lady Lavonia Roger Smyth was very concerned , the relationship with her horse resembled more and more the relationship of hers and her husband, It became more and more one sided, the horse just like lord Roger Smyth became dull and un enthusiastic about life .Her husband performance in bed or her horses performance in the arena could be described with the same words “dead from the feet upwards”
No amount of feed supplements, caressing, loving ( to the horse obviously) etc. made any deference .Lady Lavonia remembered the days her horse was alive and reactive to her demands (about her husband she could not think as far back as that) his reactions not always as expected, but indicated joy of life. Lessons with Junior Trainer , Top Trainer or even Senior Trainer did not shed a light on what was bothering the horse.
As a last resort Lady Lavonia employed the services of the well known horse WHISPERER Montgomery Plick. MP had the reputation of been able to listen to, and converse with horses, his successes story's are so numerous that even the hard drive on my computer hasn't enough memory to record them all.
Professional as he is, he Goggled Lady Lavonia, searched BD web site and had a complete profile of his new clients. He supplemented this with a thorough study of the tabloids archives writing down some notes about Lavonia's previous life prior to her marriage to Lord Roger Smyth, like her association to “Miss Whip Lash” a position that was instrumental to the chance meeting with her present husband.
The day arrived and Montgomery Plick was introduced to the depressed horse, he stroked him from top to bottom blew up his nose trill (Barbara Woodhouse stile) and the other end (Monty Roberts stile), and then whispered some thing in the horses ear, he signalled with his hand to Lady Lavonia to step away while he lowered his head towards the horses mouth.
Lady Lavonia watched mesmerised, all what she noticed MP head gestures as the horse was nuzzling him gently , from time to time she would hear MP saying;” no!, yes, yes!, you don't say this , really , no!! say it again, poor you, cant be!!!!!!!!!!!!!.””””
The whole thing lasted about 45 minutes and then MP patted the horse and walked away.
Lady L followed him asking “what did he say ? what did he say?
“Sorry I cant tell the horse asked me not to tell anyone it is very personal”
“But I must know I must know” Lady L shouted ,
“Sorry I cant, I promised not to tell it is very personal to him”
“I will do anything , anything !!!!!! you must tell me”
MP looked at her for a moment and said “ ANY THING YOU MEAN ANY THING? I suppose for any thing I can break my word to a horse”
They retired to Lady's L bed room where they proceeded to do anything which did not take very long as it was only only anything .
When it was all over Lady L turned to him and asked “OK WHAT DID THE HORSE SAY COME ON I MUST KNOW?”
Montgomery Plick took a very long breath and asked “Lady Lavonia how old are you “ she replied “ 43 years old, what my age has to do with all this “
Montgomery Plick looked at her and said “ you are 43 years old and you still believe in HORSE WHISPERERS “