Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.


While the    Eilberg Hatgate  saga was unfolding in the main arena,  in the  other  arena  luckily un noticed by most  lady Suckley   went through  the most embarrassing  incident  of her own .
The whole show ground was buzzing with excitement  as Mr Eilberg    junior was   blatantly  breaking  the rules ,  people were texting and twittering,  consulting lawyers  and wondering where is Winnie   when needed ,” she is on the forum  catching petty criminals  “  someone whispered   while looking over his shoulder  , “what is she doing there ?  when a real felon is flaunting    rules  in front of all of the  judges  and public ”  was the   reply, “look at the V shape   of his fingers   under the hat -  that’s a real NNNAAAAAAAAA!!!! To the establishment”.
Little did they know that it was all pre  planed  between  the  BD    marketing  DEPARTMENT  and the Eilbergs   ,  a    ploy  to popularise  our sport . Nothing appeals to the masses  more than  a sport shrouded with scandals  AND  RULES FLAUNTING . Give  BD   their   dues  “they  know  their onions”  as they say in Yorkshire     and as any good  politician   know  an open belated   apology   when things quietened  down  extracts  few more miles out of the issue”.
So while all that was happening,   in the arena  next  to the main one, Lady Suckley was  un ceremonially  dislodged off her horse  during the “HALT ONLY TEST”   the horse moved  and Lady suckley slipped out of the saddle  ripping her Cavalini   two sizes too tight breeches  as we say   “from  the front  belt to   rear belt “  exposing to the world  some  vegetation   of  her   “Vajazled   “area .
Laying on the dirt in a most undignified position,  with  judges and paramedics looking down  at her  Lady Suckley   held her hands up to her head and  said “Thank god I did not hit my head !  is the HAT OK ?”
The senior  paramedic   reaction  was      “Madam   I think you should lower your hand   there are other parts of your body that  needs more  urgent attention  than your hat “
Lady Suckley  gave him one of her looks  and replied  “ YOU silly boy !   THIS  is a brand new Uvex  bling covered   hat  ,USED ONLY ONCE  !!!!   the parts you are worried about are 52 years old  and USED ,,,,,,,,,,,”