Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Blind difference

A  Regular   issue raised by members of British Dressage  on most forums   is   number of riders  forwarded  to the championships.
The members  are in the opinion that everyone should be entitled to ride  in  the national championship , BD administration also   think so, but for practical reasons  limit the number of  qualified riders to a manageable   group  of riders. In spite  of this rational  the grass root members are still disgruntled  and used the   meeting during the last championship   to voice their dissatisfaction , “WE WANT MORE COMPETITORS   THROUGH TO THE CHAMPIONSHIP “  was the un compromising  demand.
Calvin Klein  the organizer  repeatedly  emphasised    “WE CANT TAKE ANY MORE COMPETITORS  there aren’t enough days with more  than 24 hours   in them”  he continued    “ we already  maximising arena time to the limit ,  the” Halt  only tests “  from now on will be judged against the clock, all other competitions  will run   in  “ speed mode “  of  minimum  of   450 steps  pr minute, judges breaks  from next year  will last no more than  4 minutes in which in this time the judges will have to finish lunch  walk the dog and go to the loo  and following the French example  sanitary papers  will not be supplied with the hope that will discourage  judges from over using this facility .  And ladies and gentlemen let me reveal to you   that we have been tackling  this matter for some time  , since  2008  not known  to others but the few with the need to know,  ARENA SIZE HAS BEEN   reduced  BY  ONE METER FROM EACH DIRECTION   which have shortened  each test time by    17  seconds   and offered 2 more places in  each competition” .
All this logical explanations   did not cut water with the members and  suggestions flew from  each and every direction  “You can do this You can do that , remove here add there  “ etc etc etc .
Exasperated   Calvin Klein  tried to reason with the members   “  HEAR” he said “With all the new championships with the different categories    if I add one more test the last class  will be ridden in darkness!!”
“WHICH CLASSE IS THAT ?”  someone shouted from the back of the hall.
“It is  a  new para  category for the visually impaired/blind riders “  Calvin  replied 
The voice from the back of the room  “ well that’s OK IT WILL NOT MAKE A BLIND DIFFERENCE TO THEM “