Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Dressage mothers

Dressage mothers
In contrast to Dressage Fathers  , Dressage Mothers  are the most noticeable  obvious  characters of the dressage scene, in matter of fact in some circumstances they are the only noticeable  obvious  characters around the dressage arena.
Dressage Mothers come in all shapes, sizes  and colours, they come from any walks of life  or social background  the variety is endless  apart from one common  thing to all Dressage mothers   its the sound  of their voice dishing out orders TO EVERY ONE “ Do this , fetch that , lift his head, go faster   , not so much “   even the hired Top Trainer of the week   gets specific instructions  of  WHAT and   HOW  to tell  little  Junior Diva    what she needs to know .
Dressage Mothers  must not be confused with Dressage  Wives ,the two kinds   differ in character , roll, attitude and  numbers .. For  nearly every competitor  under the age of 53  there is a dressage mother  , simply   due to natural  biological reasons  effecting the dressage world  there are very few Dressage Wives  around.
While  for Dressage Mother  little Junior Diva cant do wrong  for a Dressage  Wife  her husband cant do wright , in the history of dressage  never a Dressage Mother is Known to agree  with the judges scores  even if little princess  won the class  it was not with a high enough scores , on the other hand a Dressage Wife is  always on the judges side how ever humiliating the scores are.
No one can deny   the important  significant roll that women has in the dressage world.  British Dressage is chaired by a woman  and been so for years. In the last European  dressage championship the whole German team  and the trainer were all representing the opposite  sex  , so the Dutch team  and no one will mistake  the current number one dressage  rider  in the world to anything but a woman (and a pretty one in that).
In spite of all this  it is a bitter pill for most Dressage Husbands  to swallow  when their young offspring reminds them at every opportunity  that   “Mummy does it differently”  or  “Mummy said  not to do  it like you do it “  etc. etc. etc.
In reality there are only few  conversations  with one children that don't start  and ends with   “BUT MUMMY ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,”.
The whole  situation became so frustrating to one Dressage Husband that he gave up any involvement with his  4 year old just off the  leading rein Dressage  Prince  sporting  pursuits   apart from weekly swimming  sessions.
During  one of these weekly visits to the pool father and boy were in the men changing rooms having a shower when the little boy lost his balance and  was about to fall, at the last moment he  managed to grab hold   his fathers  p,,,,s   and  regained his balance.
The father  with a big smile  turned  to the child and said  “Lucky for you son that you have been showering with me and not with your mother”
“Why is that dad ?”  the child asked
“Because son!! if you were showering with your mother you would have  fallen flat on your face “ was the father reply.