Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Do as you do

Does any body remember the summer of 2012, the time that the sport of dressage was at its lowest image  in the eyes of a large  group of horse lovers.
pictures  and opinions were posted all over the internet on dedicated social websites   , high lighting   the depravity of dressage , individual riders were hounded , their reputation smeared and life made hell by all sort of groups affiliated to the world organization of  EQUIMARITANS .
Just a few years later  and there is no hint  of  any  of the troubles that dogged the sport of dressage in the so near past.   Again  Dressage riders are able to  walk  un protected  with their un helmeted heads  held high, any where they want.
It seems that the  fundamentalists groups of  EQUIMARITANS  has redirected their  efforts towards other  pressing  causes around the world  leaving the Sport of  Dressage   to its own devices.
For those that ask how  this change and transformation happened in such short time , what was kept as a top secret can now be revealed.  
It was during the European  championship  in Denmark  while one of the high profile targeted riders  was walking his horse on a long loose reins , the working in arena was suddenly surrounded by  zillions of frantic individuals all waving  blue tokens indicating they were not there by accident,  shouting at the high profile rider  “WE ARE HERE   WE ARE WATCHING YOU” the one  that seemed to be a leader of this grouped  added “ ANY THING YOU WILL DO  TO THIS HORSE  I WILL DO TO YOU”   with the following tribe  chanting  “ ANY THING YOU WILL DO  TO THIS HORSE  SHE  WILL DO TO YOU  AND WE TOO”  ,cameras, recorders, all modern technical  equipment at the ready.
The targeted rider  kept walking his horse on  long loose reins totally un  moved, he stopped by a group of other riders  exchanged few private words  and  proceeded to the centre of the arena, dismounted walked to the rear end of  his  horse and in the most gentle affectionate manner  slid his hand between the rear cheeks of his horse’s ARSE   all the way up  to the corrugated round orifice  inserted his ungloved   finger, withdrew  it in a slow deliberate move,  raised it to his nose,  inhaled the aroma and shouted to the other group of riders  “YOU WERE RIGHT GUYS THIS HORSE NEEDS CHANGING HIS DIET” .
And then he turned  towards  the surrounding spectators  who miraculously   vanished into thin air.