Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Judges and friends

A  New Comer   was watching the  dressage competition  in the Hartlebury premier league  show.
He was trying to make heads or tails from the activity in the sand pit down in front of him , he  was at total confusion,  all this turning left,   turning right , back and fore, start stop, stop start , the horses  they must have been  as dizzy as he was .
The guy next to him  noticed  the look of bewilderment on his face and  turned to him and said “Come join me and my friends over there I am a top “Federation Riders International” judge , my  friends are also new comers to the sport   so while I am explaining to them  you can  listen and learn”.
Half way through the class  the New Comer felt he gained sufficient knowledge of the   massage  thing , the fog have lifted from the arena and every thing was as  clear as day light , he knew a half pass from leg yield, he could appreciate the quality  of the  piaffe  and identify if were displayed any of the scale of training.
He bid the FRI judge and his friends good by   and wondered off to the other side  of the arena and joined another group of spectators . As it often happens in the dressage world  a light conversation about  a test and  the scoring, turned into heated argument, was the judge judging WHAT he saw or WHO he saw  or HOW he saw it  , did the combination deserved a 80%  or was it a miss use of the coefficient . The New Comer  with his newly acquired knowledge  STATED HIS OPINION   loud and clear  and when challenged  by the others as to his limited knowledge of the sport , he replied  that this was the opinion of  the guy sitting over there with  his  FRIENDS   “ HE IS AN EXPERT ,  HE IS A  TOP  FRI JUDGE”.
He was ridiculed  by the others,  thinking  that guy over there, sitting with the other people is  “A TOP FRI JUDGE   he must have been pulling your leg”, they all said  “ no way he is an FRI judge”.
“YES HE IS  he told me  so himself “  was the reply.
“Don't be so naive “  the others insisted      “ he was pulling you leg,   An FRI judge !!!!!  is most un likely to have   FRIENDS”
may be  one   FRIEND  but only   at the end of the Competition”