Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Equestrian underpants

Equestrian Knickers
From reading  the posts on  British Dressage  forum, it is clear that one of the hottest  topics at the moment is  the  “what under pants are most suitable for riding”, it seems that dressage riders are willing to compromise on  tack  as one   member revealed  doing dressage  in a JUMPING saddle, there is some leeway  on horses type as they come  in many shapes breeds and forms  ,BUT NO ONE WILL ACCEPT DOING DRESSAGE  IN NOTHING BUT THE BEST FITTING PERFECTLY SUITABLE FOR THE JOB  KNICKERS .
Like any thing in dressage there is no unanimous  agreement what is the right knickers for  the job  and each person has its own expectations from the underpants' input to a successful ride. Some believe that comfort and cushioning  is all that can be  expected from a pair of equestrian underpants , others  are  willing to accept being   wedged in the middle as long that it induces the rider to sit to the extended trot  , the most sensitive riders insist on a garment that will allow the micro messages between the horses back and the riders back side to flow back and forth unhindered.
For me this thread and the one about “what bra  to wear”  were most enlightening about the dressage riders sexuality  and how broad minded most of us are,  because in selecting  underpants  most riders are not constricted by  protocol or etiquettes  there are no boundaries  of what is right or acceptable , for instance if well known senior rider from  Sussex  was spotted   wearing a Jennifer Lopes  type thong with frilly ribbons it is by no mean an indication  of his belated found femininity,  but simple realization that in order to ride like Charlotte he has to dress like Charlotte.
During the national championship Junior Trainer took some time off to wonder around the trade stands  ,when he approached “ Heavenly designs” tack stands he noticed his old friend  Plump  Lady  inquiring about the latest innovation  “Better hands gloves”  Which guarantee  to transform boxers mitts to Hesters hands.
Junior watched how the sale assistant ,that  was young, tall, slim with hair style of 3 shades of blond with discreet  tattoo and a pierced ear,  wearing  jeans tighter then  a size to small condom , gently held Plump  hand, stroking it up and down several times  with his long delicate fingers  and then in the most sexiest voice Junior ever heard  he said “Madam you need size small plus with a fury inner lining, it is quit the thing to show a little inner fur now days”.
Junior  Trainer waited for Plump Lady to finish her shopping and then he approached the,  young, tall, slim with hair style of 3 shades of blond with discreet  tattoo and a pierced ear ,with  jeans tighter then  a size to small condom ,  shop assistant   and asked, “ I will be ever so grateful  if you can help ME select the most suitable  equestrian under pants “.
Eventually  a decision has been made and  Junior left  “Heavenly designs” tack stand with  boxer shorts  with a Union Jack logo and a sign  go team GB  go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Junior rushed to Senior Trainers  horse box  to show his mentor what's going to be the making of his riding career  .
While in the living area of the horse box  he could not fail to see a pile neatly folded ladies underpants  resting on the bench, he turned  to Senior Trainer   and asked  “Since when  have you been using ladies under pants?” 
Senior Trainer paused for a moment and  then replied  “ SINCE MY WIFE FOUND A PAIR IN  THE GLOVE COMPARTMENT OF MY CAR”