Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Sport Psychology

Sport psychology
Senior  Competitor after many years, of  the ups and downs of the sport, reached his midway goal .He was invited  to join the select few  on the BEF  future stars  training camp.
It was  during the last  competition  of the season that the selectors  noticed that the old dog was still alive and breathing,  and as a contingency plan  they should have some one on the team not distracted by the weather  and able to ride come sunshine or rain.
The  camp was aimed at  those that showed the necessary qualities to  represent  GB in top level competitions  and it made available  to the participants  the services  of support professionals  like  feed specialists, physiotherapists  and others.
Senior Competitor  was slightly uncomfortable in the company  of these young girls  most of them only slightly older then his grand daughter spending all their free time  texting to each other in spite of all being at the same venue.
The  familiar face of the national coach  some 20 year his younger  put him at ease , after a non invasive training session,  in which the coach's most significant contribution was “you cracked the ones  at last -  and not before time”, Senior  Competitor  looked at his watch , approached the performance  manager  and inquired  if he can be excused from  some of the other sessions as  he still has  3 more horses to ride , collect feed  and tell the vet which leg needs scanning.
The performance manager  recommended  that he should just have a quick chat with the sport  psychologist  it will be an eye opener , as psychology progressed in leaps and bounds since the discovery days that a good test  (politics aside) is what is required to win  the competition.
Senior Competitor entered the room  and  immediately thought “  hope this girl is only a sport psychologist and not a mind reader”  as the first thing that came to his mind was “f...     it     where were these sport psychologist  30 years ago”
The young girl introduced herself  and explained that she is here to help with  nerves, anxiety  and any  mental issues  emanating  from  competition stress. 
Senior trainer  looked at her,  thought   to himself  I hope she   really cant read minds  and then said  “I don't suffer from nerves, anxiety  or competition stress”
To which the young lady replied   “I  know  but you haven't been to a SPORT PSYCHOLOGIST YET”