Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Dressage father

   A man is   in the departure hall of   New York  J F K  airport when he spotted  an empty  seat   by a woman with  3  children with her, he approached  them and asked  if he can sit down by them, the woman  , which was rather attractive and well groomed, nodded silently  its OK if he can put up with  the children constant racket.    After about a minute  one of the children burst into screams  I want a burger , his mother hushed him down ,”Quiet  I don't have any money”  the man interrupted  and said “ let me pay for it , it   will be my pleasure” , the second child  returned back from the duty free shop informing every body that he is not leaving the airport with out the latest version of  play station which is on sale for £399,  the expression  on his mother’s  face  was   “I have been here before here comes the  mega tantrum “, the stranger  put his hand into his pocket took out a wade of notes and said “ go get what you want   it will give me  a lot of pleasure to see you happy” the petulant child took the money with out a thank you  and disappeared in to the Duty free shop.
The older sister, about 16 year old that until  that moment  was  completely  completely occupied  with her smart phone, with out even looking at the man said  “ if you think  you can spend all this money on my brothers with out buying me the lovely dress on display in the Next shop  you obviously don't know my family”
With out a hesitation the man gave her  a credit card  “ the pin number is xxxx”  he said with a  euphoric smile of  complete contentment on his face.
He turned to the confused mother “Ohhhh I feel so much better”
The mother in return said  “What is it all about there is nothing that I can do for you     ”
“I dont want any thing in return “  he explained “ I am just a hard working  Father who spends all his time away from home  working so my family can  indulge themselves with dressage horses and BD activities  and some time I get  so lonely   and home sick that I need to spend  a fortune  and still be treated like a complete stranger to remind me of home”