Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Bias less judging

The issue of  bias in  judging  is one of the most talked about  topics among  the dressage   fraternity .
The subject is so relevant to  the sport  that during one of the  Global forums few years a go  the issue was tackled by the eminent sport psychologist   Inga Wolframm,.
After   her thorough  presentation  of the bio  intricate of   the bias less –mechanics  of dressage judging  one could not fail to come to the conclusion  that the sport of dressage is very fortunate  in the calibre of persons that  officiate as judges in this subjective sport.
To all those that do not accept this assertion the following story will prove the astuteness and impartiality of  those that has taken the  FEI  dressage   judges oath  .
A  “Junior Judge “  used  an opportunity  to sit in with one of the FEI most  “ Senior  Judges” while he was judging   ,   with open mind and intense concentration  he listened and memorised  every word of this Senior Judge.
The Senior  Judge  did his best to make this Junior Judge feel at ease,  he encouraged questions and healthy debate   and  often seeked  Junior’s  approval for his judgement,   as Junior's Judge’s  confidence grew he eventually  summoned all his courage and  asked  the following question.
“Competitor  number 8   you were a little conservative in the marks you awarded  was there any thing in his performance I have missed?”
“It was very difficulty  test to judge”   replied    Senior Judge  “ as   I have never seen this rider before  and   I have no idea how he rides  “I   could not have given him the high marks”
Junior Judge continued  “ competitor number  14  his marks were also a little on the low side  to my opinion”
“    Ooohhh     him     I COULD NOT AWARD HIM THE HIGH MARKS   I know him very well  I know exactly how he rides      ”  Senior  Judge concluded  and carried on judging .