Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Not to interrupt

We all know that the quality of instruction is not only a direct function of the trainers knowledge but also of the trainers ability  AND WISH  to impart it to his or her students.
You may be the most informed  trainer in the world but if your mothers tongue is Mandarin  and it is the only language in which you express yourself eloquently  your average  western European student  may be non the wiser at the end of intensive training session. 
When selecting a trainer  it is vital that you choose a trainer that speak your own language both physically and metaphorically.
Trainers ability to connect with ones student is of much more importance in theses modern times then in the  past.
Today a large group of new comers to the sport come from  a  sector of the community with little  or any previous contact to horses, many parents  of keen young dressage riders have no equestrian background what's so ever,  but in spite of this totally lack of horse knowledge their  children expect their parents to support them and have answers when ever the going  gets tough  THIS IS WHAT PARENTS ARE FOR).   this is when a good trainer is of such importance, the fathers and mothers of the said children  banks  on the trainer to take over from where they cant  and support ,promote and guide their little princes and princesses  through the intricate of dressage.
Can you imagine how frustrating it is for a man, that designed the navigation system for the space shuttle, when asked by his child   “dad! shoulder in is it 30 degrees off the perpendicular or  31.5 degrees off the plumb line of the vertical?”  and not have a clue what the child is on about  ,This is when common sense prevails  and the parent refers  the matter to the  top trainer   who  was  contracted to handle and deal with all equestrian  predicaments which are mind boggling to the average  human being   “Son ( or daughter)  this is why I  pay your riding instructor a city of   London  banking salary , you ask him these questions, with what he charges per minute he should have all the answers and more, I will deal in the meantime with the small issue of how to get Britten out of the recession”  the frustrated parent will relay to his little prince or princess.
On the next opportunity the parent  asks  the child  “well  did you get the answer to your question?”
“Not really “ was the reply
The irritate father  “why not   what am I paying him an hourly rate of  city of London banking executive  for,  did you ask the question?”
“Well I could not really dad”
The father this time  in  a city of London tone of voice “Why not!!! ,  what am I paying him  city of,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, etc.”
“Dad I could not,  you always  told me never to interrupt some one while they are talking” the child replied