Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Exiting European Championship

Junior Trainer , Top Trainer and senior trainer  were sitting together  by the   side   of the working in arena during the European  Dressage  Championship  watching the top riders practicing for the GP test.
For Junior trainer  it was  a significant career  mile stone  to  be in such close proximity to   Top and Senior Trainers  at a major  championship,  he spent most of the time watching to see who was watching those that were watching.
For the first time in his life Junior was  so close  to so many  top riders, all his idols  where there in front of him  , there was Carl  trying  to be invisible  in order not to be  seen   by the internet trolls “Don't you worry Carl we are al behind you” Junior shouted    “Look at her, she reminds me of my school mistress,   this horse so disciplined , just like we were at school   kept on the tight and narrow,  OOHH MY GOD look at the look on her face, is that the latest  version  of  weapon of mass destruction  death by dressage rider  look,  “ Over there  !!!”   he shouted out of control  “ there is Richard  he is a real person,  I always thought he was some thing  the BEF invented,   TO GIVE US   the  vorsprung  durch technique” , and then  he saw some figures dressed in  battle fatigues,  Balaclava hats, carrying night vision equipment  with some laser measuring devices, crawling   and hiding  behind  bushes, they must be asylum seekers from the Republic of Kurdistan      they had  slogans all over their coats  We are Anti RK, what a shame politics gets every where he thought to himself. “who is this rider sticking his tongue out at the steward he must have had a blueberry shake for breakfast,“  At this point  he could not contain himself any longer and he burst with excitement  “It is so exiting you can not imagine  how exiting it is  it is  exiting ” he shouted at the top of his voice   “ GO CHARLOTTE   GO GET US THE MEDAL” .  and then he added in a whisper “ I will go back into the closet for her any day”
“Calm down  Junior calm down   you sound as if you are going to have an ORGASM  any moment”  Top Trainer  hushed  him.
“Ohhh  it is much better then that” Junior replied  “European championship  medals   for BRITTEN,  ITS SO EXITING”
Top Trainer gave him one of his sideways looks and said “Don't be a child Junior get your feelings in  perspective   it does not even come close to  good  sex”
And then it went back and forth  like a  game of Ping-Pong “European Championship   medals  is the most exiting thing ever”     “no! no! sex is much better and exiting “   back and forth, Junior for championship medals,   Top Trainer for sex.
Eventually  they turned to Senior Trainer  who was in his usual  recognizable   state  for   big  important  competitions ; eyes shut  comatose expression on his face and a light   sound of snoring  reverberating in the air  from his direction.
Senior Trainer jerked himself up, and in a confused voice he asked  “ what? where?  who is having sex?  I must see this “
“No body is having sex  (well not yet at least)   just tell us from your experience  what is more exiting?   Britten  wining medals at the  European  dressage championship     or  good sex”  .
Senior trainer woke up completely  his facial expression was of complete alertness   and then he turned to the two  “I don't know which is more exiting but I can tell you  Britten wining  medals at  a  dressage championship  happens  more often”