Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Stable staff

Staff issues are something that effects every one in business including those that employ stable staff , in spite of the fact that   all those that work with horses choose to do so on their  own free will,   it   is  often   an up hill struggle  to motivate  and guide  staff to maintain an acceptable level of performance.
The following  comments  posted on Face Book  by  yards owners describe the situation to perfection,
“Has anyone designed a clever checklist to help manage yard staff? Or does anyone have any ideas to make sure jobs get done without nagging?”
“We have to oversee everything i'm afraid!”
“If you have to nag then you need to go on a bollocking course! Lo”
A (triple) AAA  employees do exist but they  are  seldom  available   on the free market due to their  UNIX  character and skills ,instead  those that reply to the staff wanted adverts  belong to the tribe that  mostly work  only if  cornered  like rats in a trap, they  come with a glowing reference which is the only way for their previous employer to pass them on.
The new employers must use an enigma deciphering  machine  to understand the true message behind   the reference .
Here are some real life examples
A typical reference will describe  a person  as wise and energetic  what it will omit to mention  is that it is  wisdom of youth and energy of old age, or  of  the one that regularly sets himself (low) standards and still fails to achieve  them, I suppose it is better then the employee that completes  all tasks to  HIS  own   satisfaction .
In equestrian terms a reference can describe  an employee as special as  a piaffing horse  which means that with all the activity there is  little or  no forward progression.
I once  read a reference that  after deciphering  red like this ;The above mentioned person started in our employment from  the bottom and from there he went downwards, he now reached rock bottom and started to dig,  he has good manners and a  relaxed attitude he seldom open his mouth   and when he does, it is only to change which ever foot was previously in it.  he works well  as an individual or with others ( that follow him  out of curiosity  what will he do  or not do next),  Mr  so and so   made many friends in the area and he will be missed by the village folks  who will have to find another Idiot.
One ex employer described  a candidate depth of knowledge  as deep as  a car park puddle which is appropriate to all 17 year old that sell themselves as having  16 years of practical experience.
In our competitive world if an  employee was one of the rare breed of rated as( triple) AAA one naturally  tarnishes his/her reputation as much as possible so no one will bother to take him/her  on and she/he will stay at the present job with you , on the other hand the one that drove you mad for the past 4 years there is not a greater pleasure as inflicting him upon your arch competitor that regularly poached your best staff, let him employ the unemployable , a well deserved punishment.
One  Top Competitor relayed the following  story relating to  staff reliability .He was about to leave the yard for an extended competing excursion  on the continent, his senior member of staff assured him that  in his absence the horses will be taken care of    to the same high  standard  as if  the Top Competitor  was doing it himself .  As  the  top Competitor intended leaving  at some  Godless  early  hour   when most humans including stable  personal  are still sound a sleep,  he promised to leave the staff wages in the yard in a safe place .
Few days later  he received  a telephone call from  an agitated Senior member of staff  conveying to  the  Top Competitor how displeased every one is  because no wages were found as promised.
The  Top Competitor  interrupted the agitated senior member of staff  and said “one thing at a time  please , are all the horses ok  have  they  been groomed and cared for”
“Absolutely” the Senior member of staff  assured him “horses has been taken care of excellently  they are all gleaming and shining  from care and attention”
On the other side  The Top Competitor  hummed for a moment  and said  “And you cant find the wages I left ???    straaange!!  I left it in a brown envelop and placed it in the grooming kit among the brushes”