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Sheepcote Photo Gallery

General photo gallery of Sheepcote Equestrian Centre. Please click any photo to view in slide show format.

Beth Barnett, Sheepcote student
Nikki Cooke riding Sheepcote Catkin
Cherylea Cameron riding Adamski
Kara Smith riding Sheepcote Catkin
Kara Smith riding Sheepcote Radici
Sheepcote Diva, Young Horse Championships 2005
Pip Turner riding Sheepcote Rolex
Kara Smith riding Sheepcote Rock on Fella
Oded Shimoni, once a working pupil at Sheepcote
Beth Barnett, Sheepcote student
Kara Smith riding Sheepcote Nairobi
British Breeding Potential Dressage Ponies by Sheepcote Wurlitzer
Sheepcote Delight, supreme champion 2006 Young Horse Breeding
Emma Leech riding Sheepcote Diorissima
Sheepcote student Becky Powel, U16 Midlands Champion
Sheepcote working pupil in competition
Kara Smith riding Sheepcote Nairobi
Kara Smith riding Sheepcote Nairobi
Kara Smith riding Sheepcote Catkin
Cherylea Cameron riding Adamski
Sheepcote Diva showumping
Sheepcote student showumping
Sheepcote Diva at her first one day event
Sheepcote horses jump too!
Lucy Pincus riding Sky
Serena Pincus training BD UK U21's team
Cherylea Cameron riding Adamski
Lucy Pincus riding Sandy
Sheepcote Welcome, top eventer in Ireland
Cherylea Cameron riding Adamski
Walking out after training
Sheepcote horses enjoy time out
Mare with foal at foot at Sheepcote Equestrian
Champion Star by Champion Delux
Wish of Sheepcote by Cassander
David Pincus riding Sheepcote Wurlitzer
Sheepcote Wissett by Sheepcote Wurlitzer
Sheepcote student at a prize giving
Gold Finch dam of Sheepcote Sandmartin
The one who must be obeyed
Cherylea Cameron riding Sheepcote Chance at Petplan Regional Championships