Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Talent (nastiness II)

When God finished awarding the venom, poison and nastiness he saw that the others wanted something to, he called all the angels saints and disciples and sent them to search the world for needy dressage riders.
At the beginning he looked at all the grass rout riders and gave them confusion, equally shared among them all , St Peter travelled via Virgin trains from north to south personally delivering portion of confusion to each and every one, and God saw it was good, because it insured all the top trainers dealers and breeders will make a lot of money.
On the second day God asked Gabriel what more can we give these Dressage riders, Gab thought long and hard and said what about passion, good idea said God and sent him out with bags of passion, on the third day God got a text from his messenger “ran out of the staff and there are still old and senior ones left with non what shell I do” God replied “give them any thing similar starting with a P ” and this is how the Senior Trainers got the patience and thats why the Divas love them so much.
And there was ego and arrogance for top trainers plus Rayburn sun glasses for those that took both.
“What shell we give to those that don't win Area Festivals or any other competition” asked one little angel “grapes give them grapes they can make some wine to drown their sorrows ” said the all mighty “they will get sour by the time they get them “ answered the little angel, and so they did.
All the angels , Saints and disciples worked day and night, they had no help from the official currier services as Santa and Rudolf were still on annual leave .
Friday an hour before the Sabbath God said “ just left to deliver is TALENT” and all the angels saints and disciples said “for your sons sake we are tired we are not going now to drive around looking for all the riders that needs TALENT, “ and God pleaded with them “ one journey to one place pleeeeaaaaases”