Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.


It has been some 20 years since Marco de Graber the German trainer first came on the British dressage scene,
From the first days he brought a refreshing attitude towards Divas Dressage Training , known in professional circles as the DDT system, not the old disinfecting chemical used in the trenches during the first world war, but a modern holistic out look over dressage training devised particularly for the needs of the British Dressage Divas.
Marco De Graber was one of the original trainers to high light the fact that riders has to be as fit as their horses, one can not expect a horse to move lightly with agility if they have to carry a lump of lard bobbing in the saddle like a football fan watching match of the day from the living room arm chair . (the can of beer is acceptable ), Marco knew of only one activity that activated body soul and mind , developed suppleness , fitness and was pleasurable to all participants. He encouraged and assisted his students to develop their skills at every possible opportunity, on the horse off the horse, in the home in the stable, lorry or trailer , why to waste valuable training time the AWATAP system.
To every ones amazement this conscientious attitude lasted for some twenty years, there is no evidence that Marcos concern about his present students schooling, is any less to the concern he showed years ago . It is true that he has got a little less hair and the colour has shades of grey in them, the legs are a little bowed but the commitment and enthusiasm are all still there.
His latest protégée is a Dressage Diva 25 years his junior, with legs that start at the arm pits and go all the way down to the floor ,she is equipped with permanent safety fully inflated air bags, that when sitting the trot reminds onlookers of two kittens fighting to get out of a bag, every one on the dressage circuit noticed how dedicated Marco de Graber was to this Divas training, while most men of his age would limit their equestrian input to thinking of a good name for their memoirs like, confession of a dressage trainer or pupils I have forgotten , Marco was still at it , come rain or sun, he would be by the side of the arena bellowing his commands “ZIT ZTILL dont move your body like ZIss you are not making love now!!!”
Marco would receive no end of little snide comments from the other dressage trainers and past students (Divas ) “give it a rest Marco , at your age can you still do all the training, time to retire old man”
To all his reply would be “no need to get to exited this a PLAYTONIC RELATIONSHIP”
They would reply “what is this Playtonic thing Marco you cant even spell the ward “ they kept on and on at him.
Until one day he burst out at them “ it is exactly as I call it, PLAYTONIC , it is her play and my TONIC”.