Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Horse abuse

The issue of horse abuse is one of the most emotive issues involving dressage . No one enjoys seeing a horse treated unfairly or over harshly. Although there are many situations that on lookers believe that it is the horse that should be wearing the body protector and helmet and not the rider it is important to keep a cool and calm when evaluating a situation that looks like an abuse of horse.
Very important to be able to distinguish between a deliberate un warranted over use of hands whips spurs etc., to an action caused by un expected circumstances, or some what due to the limitation of the rider ability, The first must bear the full brunt of the law with a help of a qualified veterinary surgeon, the second and third deserve some leniency , and preferably assistance and education provided they book lessons with the judges daughter .
The roll of BD disciplinary committee is to handle all abuse report according to the above mentioned principles for fairness to man and beast.
During one of the major dressage shows, spectators and competitors and the judges witnessed a very disturbing un acceptable move by one top competitor .
The said competitor towards the end of his test suddenly un explainable employed the full INSTEBERGER on his horse, for those that are un informed as to what an INSTEBERGER is, it is the classical term for the action commonly known as , “the removal of the horses back teeth “ by a violent action of both hands generally accompanied by moving the upper part of the body so far back that the riders head touches the horses croup.
As the incident happened in full day light during an affiliated competition and all persons present, stood up to the horses rights, reported the incident to BD, the Top Competitor was brought in front of the disciplinary committee. In all fairness, how ever unattractive the reports were, the committee was hell bent to ascertain if it was a deliberate action incompatible with the riders usual way of riding or an unfortunate moment in which the riders hands looked far more aggressive as actually were . After all the witnesses gave theirs and the horse's un biased opinion , the Top Competitor was given the opportunity to present his case. He opened his defence by highlighting his reputation as a top competitor and horse lover, although there are some allegations as regard to his relationship enhancement actions towards his wife, her two black eyes were only as a result of not doing as told the first time, and not due to some old fashion attitudes to wards marriage, where a little bit of love and plenty of discipline are the binding component , his relationships with his horses are based of completely different principles. The unfortunate incident was triggered by a Jack Russell terrier appearing from under the kickboard, chasing a rabbit, the whole thing happened so fast, it was quicker then a greased lightening that no one else could even catch a glimpse of , he simply lost his balance when his horse attempted to join the chase as he was accustomed from his hunting days , “BY NO WAY IT WAS A DELIBERATE ACTION TO ABUSE THE HORSE” he said, he added that his wife that was calling the test at the time will confirm that it was not a deliberate action but an unexpected accident .
So Mrs Top Competitor was called in and was asked to swear on BD rules book to tell the truce and only the truce and but the truth , which she did.
She was asked if she can confirm her husband version of event “was it deliberate?” she was asked
“NO “she said
“are you sure?”
“how can you be so sure? “ the head of the committee asked
“Well” she said “If it was deliberate he would have shouted at the same time YOU F,,,,,ING B,,,,,TED “