Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Miracle grow

Miracle grow
Some say we are what we are ,other say we re what we eat but in the dressage world we are what we wear.
Well that what Junior Trainer found, if you dress like champion you be will treated as CHAMPION, it is all about image and appearance, Unfortunately with BD ZERO TOLERANCE t.o all which beautiful and bling it is very difficult to look the part. The gloves has to be plain, the, the helmet cancelling ones Greek features.no point for designer stubble and heaven forbid any form of shiny brightness on the boots.
The only alternative left to JT to insure that he stands out in the crowd was to wear boots and breeches that enhanced his bodily attributes, The problem was that in order to get into his non patent leather boots or the one size to tight breeches required acrobatics more then the girl in the Kellogg's slim line advert, at the end the only thing that worked was tons and tons of talcum powder to create slipebility effect.
During the national championship JT found him self standing next to Marco de Graber (real German champion) in the men dressing room. Like all men in similar circumstances he very discreetly glanced side wards in order to survey the opposition and may be gain some information as to how Marco gained the reputation of being a real champion .
From the corner of his eye he noticed the white powdery cloud that fell out of Marco de Graber under pants. Nothing create men bonding more then a shared predicament.
JT turned to Marco and said “so you are also into these new Cavallino breeches this talcum powder fantastic thing ,the only thing that work when one needs to get into tight breeches” (clearly JT never tried Gin and Tonic)
Marco gave him a look that only German champions can give and said Zhis iz NO talcum powder it is some thing my wife wants me to try it is called MIRACLE GROW “