Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Judges discrepancies

Judges skill
Very few ordinary members of British Dressage appreciate what it takes to become a dressage judge particularly a high listed one.
In order to become a judge one has to dedicate time and effort to learn and gain knowledge and experience. Extra to the technical skills a judge must also posses the keen eye and ability to notice and comment on every little thing that happens during a test within the arena. It is a common practice, and long may it continue, for judges to exchange opinions and views at every available opportunity including the breaks between classes or competitors to insure the harmony and consistency in their judging.
During the Slummerford Premier League show, while in the gents loo , I could not avoid hearing the conversation that took part behind the thin walls of the portoloo in the ladies section. From the conversation it was clear that 2 judges one obviously senior to the other were using even the short loo break to confer and exchange points of the performances they have just judged.
The conversation went like this;
Senior judge, “Have you noticed competitors A new boots, about time he got rid of his old cottage Craft rubber boots, very un dressage like they were”
Junior Judge “no I did not notice at all what boots any body was wearing“
SJ; “Lovinia !! have you noticed how smart she looks in her new blue tails”
JJ; “What was it new?”
SJ “ Did you see the bling brow band on the black horse very un professional “
JJ “Bling brow band doesn't bother me I don't even notice it”
SJ “ Gold studs all round the collar and on the sleeve + matching on the pants, I counted 3 riders with this attire”
JJ; “I could not tell you how many ”
SJ; “Lady Suckley must have a new husband she was on a new horse”
JJ; “what colour was it ?”
SJ “ I don't know how Roger Sinclair Jones can ride, his breeches are so tight”
JJ ;”who is Roger Sinclair Jones was he in our class”
SJ “didn't you see the tall man with the blond hair with Clark Gable moustache , on a grey horse with the Albion saddle, riding in over tight Cavello breeches and new koning boots, have you not noticed him at all”
JJ; “ no I have-not seen any of these things”
Senior judge “ I really don't understand why you bother to judge”
This explains why sometime we have discrepancies of scores , SOME JUDGES LIKE BLING AND OTHERS DIAMANTÉ