Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Where is Top Trainer

Where is top trainer
Junior trainer has been seen riding ,Top Trainers GP horse, in the arena of the Paddington premier league ,
His orders were “walking on long reins and then loosen him , a little long and low with some stretching”
Like many young riders the temptation to experiment and try his skills were to much . It was a win win situation not only he will be able to practice the advanced movement but to all watching it will be clear he is ready to take over from Top Trainer.
At first he tried some changes, as the single ones failed he moved to the tempi , eventually the horse caught on, that this is no Top Trainer and unless he takes matters into his own hooves he will be given no rest ,and he got into one time mode changing all over the place when asked and when not.
When Junior Trainer felt that enough on lookers noticed his proficiency in that sphere, came the canter pirouettes ,which resembled a wind mill at full tilt , they were executed in such speed that even the gel track raised dust.
And so on it went, the horse was put through his paces, his suppleness and obedience tested to limits he never experienced before , he looked more and more like a live advert for confused . com .
At one point one of the other competitors took pity on the bewildered horse. and inquired to the where about of Top Trainer hoping that the question will be sufficient for Junior Trainer to modify his application of the Dutch modern bending technique and allow the horse to retract his snout from the part that has never seen sun light . With out missing a beat or changing the horses predicament Junior replied
“he is in the horse box with Lady Livonia ”
“What is he doing in the horse box with lady Livonia at a time like this ” asked the other top trainer
“exactly what I am doing to his horse now “ was junior Trainers reply