Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Ambisious lady

There are two kind of dressage Divas , the one kind that will aim to get to the top and the other kind that will aim to get to the top by any means available.
It is not an easy task, one require dedication, commitment, good training , a special horses and a little talent, in order to succeed the talent one requires is not always directly associated with horse riding but it may lead to it.
A very upwardly mobile young lady realized that her only way to procure top quality instruction, with a top trainer , is to cash on her natural assets, unfortunately for her, most of the English top trainers had no use to what she had to offer in the form of payment . The few that would have found her proposition attractive could not fit her in , their books were already full, and that form of payment did not fit into a bank saving account.
Marco de Graber the German trainer here I come. A deal was struck terms and conditions agreed small print studied , Miss upwardly mobile Diva found her self in Mr de Graber horse box late one night.
She was the first to speak “ Marco this was wonderful now I know why you are considered top trainer”. to which Mr de Graber said” this is nothing give me half four to sleep and I will show you some thing you have never experienced but while I am a sleep can you hold my private parts with both hands please” our Diva was keen to learn and a good pupil she followed instruction to the letter.
Half an hour later she has experienced a new experience “Marco thank you thank you that was my first ever Grand Prix experience “ , and Mr de Graber said “that's nothing you just give me half hour to sleep and I will show you some thing special but just keep your hands on my privates as before please ”
Half an hour later she was the first one to talk “Marco Marco whoa that's was like a Grand Prix Special , but tell my some thing does it excite you when you go to sleep with my hands holding your private parts?”
“Not at all young lady “ said Marco de Graber “ the only reason I ask you to do it is because the last time I fell a sleep in the company of an ambitious lady like you I woke up and my wallet was emptied”.