Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Championship 2011

This morning during the TV interview Carl Hester was asked by the interviewer “Mr Hester your last extended trot in the GP was out of this world what gave you the confidence to risk all and go for the 10”
“Very simple” replied our Carl “ I new I needed a 10 to beat that Dutch girl what was her name Adelin something yes Adelinde , a 10 was what I needed a 10 I was going to get”.
I came across the diagonal pushed my horse into the extended trot I looked up at the electronic score board and there are only 6s on the display, I am not having that I thought to my self , braced my back pushed my leg forward and as I crossed X glanced at the board again, and there there were few 7s and an odd 8, stuff that you mean B,,,,s another push and a shove and suddenly I heard almighty crackling and smoke came out of the electronic board Utopia took the matter in his own mouth with the bit between his teeth flew the last few yards that's when I new I got the 10.5 I needed we pushed that score board over the Richter scale”.
“Mr Hester , can I call you Carl Carl ,YOU ARE FANTASTIC I would love to be able to ride like you , you are just just just!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!””””””””””””””””””£££££££££££££££££$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$”
“Not a problem dear just come and have a ride on Uti any day, I will teach you you are safe with me I am not Marco de Graber you know that”
“Thank you but I think I will give this offer a miss , I am still traumatised from my first and only riding lesson “ replied the lady interviewer
Our Carl who is a very good listener asked her “really what happened” (all interviewers needs good listeners because at the end of the day it is the story of the interviewer what the public wants to hear, not of the interviewee which every one knows about any way)
“well I went to Plodding Meadow riding school and was put on this brown horse, at first everything was OK then the movement became a little bouncy and my bottom was jumping up and down the thong started to feel uncomfortable digging where no one should dig , I lost one stirrup, I shouted stop !! stop!! pulled on the reins nothing happened, by then I slipped to one side head banging on the ground, leg caught in the stirrup and me screaming STOP THIS HORSE HELP HELP!!.” . “ and then what happened” inquired concerned Carl
“The instructor came and pulled the plug out of the wall and the Mechanical horse stopped moving “