Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

The missing judge

The missing judge . The class was just about to resume, after a judges comfort break , when the chief steward noticed that the judge from H was missing from the car . In a very authoritative tone of voice he instructed the deputy chief steward “GO AND FIND THE JUDGE FROM H , WE HAVE A SHOW TO RUN !!!”. “Where can she be ?” the deputy chief steward asked in a less authoritative tone of voice . “AT THE OBVIOUS PLACE (you silly boy )” the chief steward replied ,” AT THE OBVIOUS PLACE “. The deputy chief steward started looking first at the ladies comfort room , no luck . Knowing who he was looking for he even peeped at the men comfort room , she was not even there . Lost, not knowing what to do he radioed to the chief steward for further suggestions where to look. “AT THE OBVIOUS PLACE !! “AT THE OBVIOUS PLACE !!” the chief steward bellowed down the radio. He tried the restaurant, VIP tent , shopping village and the judge was nowhere to be found . With tail between his legs he was returning to the arena to receive a dressing down from the chief steward as regard to his incompetence in locating missing dressage judges . On his way he was passing the official score board tent AND to his surprise , there she was the missing judge , in deep conversation with the official scorer . According to BD judges restraining protocol , he locked his arms around her neck in a Double Nelson, dragging her towards the arena , shouting at the top of his voice . “You should know better !! you should not be by the score board adjusting your scores – it is not BD legal “ Slipping out of the Double Nelson grip, the judge shouted back at the deputy chief steward “ You silly boy I was not adjusting MY SCORES , I was adjusting the OTHER JUDGES scores !!!”. (Any resemblance to the truth is a coincidence )