Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

The coldest day

It was the coldest “Regional Finales “ since records started , but as a ploy to reduce the number of participants in the championship WOBD declined any suggestion of cancelling or postponing the competition. Competitors , trainers, grooms etc, had to prove they ARE WORTHY of the right to be called BD regional champions, by battling the fearsome weather. They were all there helping their clients, Senior Trainer ,Top Trainer , Junior Trainer for Plump Lady on Bluie the Cob and even Marco De Graber returned back to the UK , from the EEC , to assist Lady Suckley to warm up for the “HALT ONLY CLASS “ no whips or rising allowed . For Junior Trainer it was the first outing since he passed his UKCC exam , his whole body language exuded new confidence and authority . Senior Trainer may have 56 years, 7 month and 2 days of experience , but it is him “ Junior Trainer “ with the certificate of (in) competence . The trainers stood by the arena’s side with chattering teeth and a completely numbed bodies, bellowing instructions at their clients . “Top Trainer “ turned to “ Junior Trainer” and said “Junior this is the coldest F,,,g day in dressage memory “ “Can’t be “ Junior replied, it’s not that cold you are just old . “YES IT IS !!! just look at Marco de Graber , his body says it all “ Top Trainer added . “He looks to me how he always looks “ Junior replied . “LISTEN and LEARN “ Top Trainer turned to Junior Trainer, in a tone of voice that Junior clearly understood that UKCC or not , once a Junior Trainer always a Junior Trainer . He continued “This man over there is not just one of the most experienced trainers from Europe , he is also one of the most astute and POPULER business minds of our industry . Look around you! half the people on the show ground are proud they were privileged to buy him a coffee or a bacon butty and the other half enviously wished they could claim the same . In all the years as a Senior trainer , he never once paid for his own needs ,there is always someone to buy him a coffee or a meal . His horses are leased or sold to multiply of owners,( same horse you moron), all charged the full fee but booked to visit the yard on different days . His fees are per word not per lesson or day, very words that comes out of his mouth ,he is paid for !! , including the GOOD MORNING and GOOD BY. AND there he is over there for the first time in dressage history with his hands in his OWN pockets , it is F ,,,,g COLD, I am telling you .