Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Riders Mirror Obsession

During the Hartpury dressage festival I watched how a fellow trainer was battling with a “Rider’s Mirror Obsession” . RMO Is a documented dressage condition in which a rider is so fixated with his image in the mirror that at times he or SHE will contort his or HER neck , turning their heads for more than 489 degrees, just to be able to see what he or she and horse look like at real time moment. The gaze into the mirror is accompanied with a familiar body gesture of legs pushed forward and rigormortis like stiffness through the rest of the body. The trainer was warming Plump Lady for the final round of British Dressage gold section “Halt only (immobility optional)” championship. “SIT SQUARE!!” “HEAD UP” etc , his instruction could be heard , while the rider is twisting, turning and shifting from side to side . “WWWWHY ARE YOU LOOKING BEHIND YOU???” “Sssoo I can see the mirror on the wall” was her reply . “THE MIRROR ON THE WALL DOESN’T TELL IT ALL YOU HAVE TO FEEL, FEEL, FEEL” “How will I KNOW if it is good ?” Plump inquired. “You would , YOU would “ the trainer replied “when it is right it FEEL right “. “ A bit like making love “ she acknowledged , with a twinkle in her eye. After several more minutes of warming up , the Plump Lady parked herself next to the senior trainer gazed in the mirror and said in a complaining tone of voice “ It don’t feel any better!!” The a little irate Trainer responds was “ If you want it to feel better you have TO DO something , Not just be there “ “ OOoohhhh So it is n NOT like making love than” was her responds.