Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Test it on Rats

During one of the Regional Championships a large number of “ British Dressage “ Members called a spontaneous members meeting . The purpose of the meeting was to try and understand and propose solutions to the problems so often highlighted on BD forum “ THE COMPETITION SYSTEM”, which in spite of all the modifications, twicking and changes, is still not working for many . Just in the last days members on the forum discussed how disappointed , confused or simply still p,,,d off they are with the new (now old ) competitions structure . The list of the un satisfactory issues , pointed out by those that Were present, was as long as a Chinese telephone directory. Very few if any can work out ,without the office help, which section they are eligible to ride in and once they do accept the office decision the find out that their top trainer , 45 years their senior is entered in sections two levels bellow them. Most present were perplexed how the “Governing body of an Olympic sport “ Can’t devise a clear easily understood fit for purpose competition structure. There was a near consensus that the governing body POPUP respond, to identified flaws with the system , with a new rule or a change , before the old ones worked out and understood , Does not contribute to the members faith in the current competition system. The meeting reached a very sombre stage , so unusual for situations as this , the room was silent, everyone was in deep thought “ HOW DID OUR SPORT DECEND TO SUCH A LEVEL of confusion”. And then there was a soft whisper “ I wished the committee had someone from within the SPORT” “They are from the sport “ another voice replied. “It would have never happened if they were from the BUSINESS world !!!” a very dogmatic voice was heard from the back of the room. “Some of them are FROM the business world , that’s why we elected them”, was heard the contradiction . It went on for a long time until the voice of an old trainer was heard “ We would have never been in this mess if those on the committee were SCIENTISTS “. “WHAT nonsense “ was the responds from the other members “ It does not need a scientist TO WORK OUT few dates and some rules. ( somebody noticed there is a PL and RF on the same weekend) “You are right “ said the old trainer “But if they were scientists at least they would have tried and tested their ideas on RATS first, to see if they work”.