Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Room number

Dressage Husband and the wife, the well-known Dressage DIVA from up north decided to do the UNUSUAL, they joined some friends on an away day and night for the 2016 national dressage convention. After the first day they booked in to a lovely country hotel by Hartpury , had a good meal and then settled in the bar for few refills with likeminded dressage friends to go over the announced latest innovation of BD the “CHIP “ championship. Not known for his ability to consume quantities of alcohol or the ability to distinguish between fried chip or shoulder chip, Dressage Husband left the Mrs with the group in the bar and went upstairs to catch on some missing hours of sleep . He was out before head hit the pillow and had no recollection of anything until waking up the next morning. Realizing he will miss breakfast , he jumped out of bed and ran down stairs , as fast as the shit off a shovel , to the breakfast room. In the dining room there she was his one and only DIVA , looking fresh as a daisy with a natural glow to her NOT seen for years. As he took his place opposite her by the breakfast table , she stretched her hand across with an unprecedented gesture of affection and taped his hand and said “Darling YOU were at your VERY best last night “ “To be honest DARLING I do not remember a thing from LAST NIGHT , but if you say so I am not going to argue “ ( they never do Dressage Husbands they never do ), He replied. After a once in a life time proper English breakfast , that included all the additives and extras , the dining room waiter came and asked “Which room NUMBER shell I BOOK this meal to? “ “ 226 “ was Dressage Husband reply . At that moment the Dressage Diva gave him a lonnnngggg looook and asked “Isn’t our room number is 216 ? “