Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Ladies problem solved

Problem solved. The British association of saddle MAKERS held a special convention , “they had a pressing problem that needed solving immediately” the chair person informed them .”from a thread on British Dressage forum” he continued “it is clear that we are failing to provide our most IMPORTANT sector (the Dressage Divas ) with the service expected from skilled people as us”. He proceeded by projecting through the POWER POINT only few of the posts from BD members, these post were carefully vetted and scrutinized to insure they did not contain any offensive HINTS to any religion or ethnically affiliated to BD group . I had a torture[,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,] saddle.. I know what you mean!! Agony and was bleeding so much , really painful to go to the loo. I'm currently trying a saddle but even with the comfort channel it's anything but. I don't know what the answer is unless I can get a saddle with a bloody great hole cut in it, am at my witsend TBH was fine until we started medium and haven't used mine since. It's like wearing thick socks with tight shoes and guess where I had blisters.... The issue is often with the design of the saddle not ones anatomy. Feel your pain, literally. Almost gave up because of it, Lucky I have a very understanding husband . I'm guessing it depends on what bit of the lady anatomy is actually causing an issue. BD might give me dispensation to rise if I have a letter from said GP citing 'chuff chafe' as a reason. My goodness I am horrified at the pain and suffering some of you are experiencing really don't know why saddle makes don't do more to address the issue, probably because most are men. As you see guys WE HAVE A PROBLEM that can decimate our industry more than the influx of the East European girls had over the traditional “British comfort “ BUSINESS , “ please weigh the consequences if BD due to popular demand will add a “Her quest bareback section (bronze)” to the competition structure . That will be the last saddle SOLD in the UK. “GENTLEMEN put your heads together and find a solution”. The room started buzzing with suggestions , counter suggestions , shorten this, lower that , it will work , not work , already tried not tried , FEI/BD not legal etc and after hours of deliberation there was not a CREDIBLE ANSWERE to the predicament of the British Dressage Diva and the sitting trot. At the far end of the room ,not taking part in the proceedings , was sitting an old old master saddler , he was the doyen of all saddlers and as usual in situation as such they all turned to him . Simple he said “For every saddle sold as a curtsey jester include a sheet of SANDING PAPER , A regular use of this and no lady will ever complain your saddles are too rough , uncomfortable , pinching here or rubbing there. The room erupted “ WE CANT DO THAT , It will ruin the leather, spoil the bling etc etc , Nooo waaay SAND PAPER WILL BE USED ON TOP OF A BRITISH MADE SADDLE “, Was the common consensus . The old master saddler responded “Gentleman , you got it all wrong the SANDING PAPER is not meant to be used on the upper part of the saddle , it is for the LOWER PARTS OF THE LADIES.