Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Trainer dependency.UUD

Trainer dependency. There is no doubt that dressage is a sport of relationships , horse and rider ,Dressage Diva and Dressage Husband and the most crucial for a successful dressage career IS the relationship between the Dressage Diva and her trainer . It is more than a relationship , it is a special bond that exists ONLY between a Dressage Diva and the SELECTED coach/trainer. It is not so much as bond but more like a TOTAL DEPENDENCY of student on the trainer. This dependency is not a sudden spontaneous thing but a slow developing process that comes to fruition after years of trainer student working together. It starts with the odd input of the trainer into the basic management of the horse and ends with the culmination of the trainer been RESPONSIBL for any career and life decisions of the student’s house hold , including family planning or similar. This dependency is mostly noticeable during a “ working in “ period prior to a dressage competition . It may be only the BD halt only (rising optional) competition, but Every competitor and their trainer are wired up to a communication system that is the envy of every general due to take his troops into battle. Through this sophisticated equipment the trainer will be barraged with questions from his student “WHAT SHELL I DO NOW ? IS HE ON THE BIT ?,where AM I going , LEFT OR RIGHT, etc. . The trainer in a reassuring tone of voice will try to sneak in a word , “All is fine YOUR Make up still intact, hair style good” and other relevant information for the occasion. One Senior Trainer realized that this total reliance of his pupil on him the trainer, was causing the student to suffer from a similar affliction of the English footballer that during the Euro 16 when faced with an undefended goal with the keeper dosing off , looked at the coach and inquired “SHELL I KICK THE BALL IN?????????”. To prevent such a scenario and develop independence ,the trainer informed the student that she , TO go to the far end of the arena and ride the horse as if the trainer was not present “GO AND DO EXACTLY WHAT YOU WOULD DO WHEN I AM NOT ABOUT !!!” he instructed . And the student responded , she moved to the top end OF THE ARENA , came to a standstill , a confused look on her face , then pulled her mobile phone out of the pocket and called the trainer that was sitting at the other end of the arena and asked “What shell I DO NOW that I am here ?”