Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Independent seat

Independent seat. The article in “Euro dressage “ about the rider’s seat http://www.eurodressage.com/equestrian/2016/07/03/classical-training-working-seat was like Music to Junior Trainer’s ears. He agreed and sympathised with every word , but to him it was not just the horse moving as if constipated that was a sore to the eyes , but a rider sitting on horse as if he suffering from the same affliction , that cause him to despair. For years he have been preaching and prompting that it is ALL in the in the supple loose and INDEPENDENT SEAT . To him the most obscene sight on a horse is the rigor mortis like posture many Dressage Divas assume the moment the entre a dressage arena . A jaw clenched as tight as a vice, with the effect descending all the way down to the toes . The slightest sneeze sending ripples to every part of the body, CAUSING the horse to receive multiply of involuntary signals, with the Diva screaming in an irate tone of voice “WHY IS HE DOING IT” referring to the horse’s responds to these multiplies aids, causing him to perform all the high school movements at once. Junior trainer in his best UKCC tone of voice would repeat “A good rider should have control over every part of his body , he is able to use hands OR legs , back with or without HANDS, hands WITH or WITH OUT legs. Every part of one’s body is INDEPENDENT from the other parts, THAT the essence of a good independent seat . Dressage Husband , sitting by the arena’s side in his customary comatose mode , suddenly came to life as if he swallowed a Duracell battery , shouting excitedly “ I THINK SHE IS GETTING IT AT LAST!!” “What do you mean?” Junior Trainer asked . “WELL it’s her head and mouth they sure do their own INDEPENDENT THINGS! Already ” Dressage Husband replied