Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Good legs

During the British Dressage “Halt only” team championship I found myself standing between two friends , one a well-known Top Trainer and the other a Senior Trainer with years of experience ,we were By the side of the warm up arena . The latest innovation of BD to include a gold section opened the championship to all members, including some high profile top competitors (off the records there are CONFIRMED rumours that once she is confident Valegro is up to it , Charlotte will enter the BD “Halt only “ championship to PROVE their total domination of the sport ). This championship fits well with the new BD “Competition structure” and rules will be formed, added or changed until after the classes were over!. The favourite combinations to win the championship was Plump Lady on Bluey the cob , with their reputation as the best “HALTERS” in the whole show circuit , the only one likely to challenge them was a new comer to the scene a plumper lady on another plod. Giving her performance THE LAST finishing touches “Plump Lady” halted Bluey not far from us , red faced and heaving chest , her lush legs wrapped around Bluey’s barrel , holding his body immobile as if it was in a vice . The Top Trainer on my left commented “Whooo !!!! look at them LEGS!!” and he continued with a twinkle in his eyes” surely this horse qualify under the FEI rules as a HAPPIEST ATHLATE”. (http://www.eurodressage.com/equestrian/2016/01/08/it-possible-judge-if-horse-happy-athlete) The senior Trainer on my right nodded his head in agreement “Yyyaaap” The Top Trainer on my left , with a grin that says it all , carried on with his politically incorrect innuendos “They are GOOOOOOOOOD LEGS” After a short pause The senior Trainer on my right replied “ YES They ARE !!! to carry all this WEIGHT!”