Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.


The varied  responds,  in  the equestrian social media forums,  to the published photographs from the European Dressage Championship highlighted again   that although we all share common interest in dressage  the different cultural back ground leads us  to a different interpretation  of the same scenarios.
Some took the view that the rider in question  is the biggest villain on earth  AND SHOULD BE banned from ever setting  a leg over a  horse, others  vouched for the total integrity of the same rider and his  compassionate style of riding .
A recent stay   for a week  at the   CDI   confirmed again in my mind how  even though  we share the  love for horses  our interpretation of the  meaning of love is different    .
At the  show  the lorry park  was   full   with horse boxes  from every corner of the world  ,each nation advertising and  supporting their national characteristics.
The Spanish came in droves of supporters, they have not left anybody at home  , the show was treated like a Fiesta    the more  people  the merrier it is, for each competitor there were 42.5 supporters and 18 grooms  ,  by the time the announcer finished calling  the rider’s, owner’s and  sponsor’s  multiple names  the horse went into a  SIESTA  and preformed appropriately .
The Dutch  may have been  taking part in  a horse event  but    they WOULDN’T  give up their national sport even for few days   and brought    with them  large number of cycles which they rode at every available  moment to any available direction including in  some tests.
The French I can’t dare write what they brought with them  or more  to the point they haven’t   brought with them    , the Danes  I never found out what is their national peculiarity   , they are so politically correct and discreet – or so I thought  so.
The British as always  are  surrounded by dogs. Hounds or   a herd of sausage  dogs  ,they will have their dogs with them 24/7  every WHERE,    including  the living area of the horse boxes , however modest or plush the lorry is , the dogy bed will be there  for the owner to share with the  loved one.
My horse box was sandwiched between two horse boxes , on the right A Danish  competitor that in spite of the close proximity of  the two boxes I could not even hear the occupants breathing ,  so quiet and considerate  to their neighbors  they were.
While  the Top  British  Competitor  on the left , his  wife  AND  their  mobile kennels,  kept me awake all nights  with  the  sounds of scratching, sniffing and farting,  until I had to turn on  the TV  at full volume  in order to get some peace and quiet.
One night sometime around Midnight  one of the dogs started to do what dogs often do  when they empty  themselves from both ends at the same time. The sounds of   Gagging  ,Wratching  and  Vomiting , were very very loud  , I thought to myself “thank god for that   it will  teach the B,,,,,d  a lesson,  he will leave his dogs at home next time”.
 From the Danish  horse box suddenly a voice erupted  in a perfect English  without a trace of accent  “WOULD YOU STOP MAKING HER DO IT !!! SHE OBVIOUSLY DOES
NOT LIKE IT!!!!!”.