Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Summer problems

At last the summer is here  (for a day or two  knowing  the British weather)  and with it the joy of riding in the sun,  after  months   of being in  the dreary  indoor school  the fresh air   in the  open  outdoor arena  makes horses and riders feel  on top of the world.
Unfortunately   for some  it is not so, for unexplained reason  some horses develop fundamental  dislike  to fresh air  and riding in open spaces. In spite of years of research ,applied scientific trials   no body have an answer why  some horses   the moment summer  arrives they turn into HEAD SHAKERS, COMPULSIVE  SNEEZERS  OR NOSE BLOWERS.
Some say it is pollen, others blame the  ultra-violate rays from the sun,  obviously  flies, midgets  and other insects all been identified  as  a   possible causes  for this annoying  equine behaviour  of endlessly shaking the  head ,spiting at the bit and continuously blowing raspberries  during a dressage test .
The problem is that no one really knows what is the cause for this seasonal affliction  and what is the remedy for it.
Tried but failed  are lotions, potions ,nasal sprays , feed supplements etc etc  the only partially  successful  reply  to this condition is the application  of  tightly fitting  NOSE  NET , placed over the horses  snout ,that acts as some kind of filter preventing   the minute particles  of whatever it is from entering the horses airways.
During a world class clinic Senior  Trainer’s patience  was tested to the full when Lady  Suckley’s  latest acquisition,  of  a top of the rang German graded stallion,  displayed all the symptoms of a seasonal  head shaker.
Madam  he bellowed “I don’t know  from which end your horse is making this sound  but the noise is doing my head  in !! and if he raises his head any higher at this speed you will need a guide dog to see you back to the lorry park!!  may I suggest that you  PUT A NOSE NET   on his  head  !!!”
“I haven’t  got one “ she replied
After a lot of fuffing and fluffing , searching and asking  it was suggested that in the absence  of  an original equine  nose net  a pair of Lady Suckley’s   cream coloured  tights  will act as the perfect replacement for a nose net.
“I can’t put my tights  over my stallions nose I have just worn them last night”  Lady Suckley  moaned .
“Neither  your stallion or me give a toss  who worn these tights and when ” Senior Trainer said  “As long as they prevent the pollen , midgets or what’s ever from  ENTERING   your horses breathing tracts”  he concluded .
The rest  of the clinic went  without a hitch , the new stallion  piaffed , passaged  and flying changed  with the only head  nodding    of Senior  Trainers head  in acknowledgement   of how good  the work IS.
Junior Trainer  that somehow  managed to sneak in among these few world class riders  on Bluey the cob  was suddenly  noticed to develop an irregular  head movement  eyes flickering  with  a continuous  snivelling  and  sneezing sounds.
Senior Trainer called  him over and  said “ Junior stop  shaking and nodding  your head like a demented dervish you will upset your horse’s halt and that’s the only  movement  in your test if you remember”.
“I can’t help it”  Junior Trainer snivelled   “It is the pollen from the crop field   over there , it is  really irritating   WHAT DO YOU THINK I SHOULD DO?”