Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

First time it happaned (posh horseboxes)

First time it happened. (Posh horse boxes)
Not many people, from the British dressage world do not know or heard about Astrid Bolton  the horse dealer, over the years Astrid supplied some of the most high profiled  horses  on our  competition scene.
Astrid is a no nonsense northern girl that if locked in a cage with Mike Tyson  I know who will plead  “PLEASE LET ME OUT ”
Recently  the talk of the shows  is   Astrid’s  new HORSE BOX,  according to the verified rumours,  it is as large as a football pitch and  as “POSH”    as Buckingham palace  with every mod con available   , for human or equine.  installed in it.
The lorry is so big that Hayley  Colwell  Astrid’s rider has her own self-contained  flat above the shower room  .
The only other competitive  outfit  with a  similar impressive mode of transport  are the Lickley’s , who arrived at  the high profile show with two horseboxes, one top of the range Sovereign  so large you could land a  Harrier jump jet  on its roof (that’s without the expansion open )  and an old Bedford TK  with a wooden container   for the horse.
When asked,   Mr   L     explained that his wife is so pleased with the new  horsebox  and wants to keep it looking clean and new FOR EVER  so no horse is ever going to set a hoof in it.
I   knew he was fobbing me and the truth is that by the time the lorry was fully loaded  with  all the essential show gear  plus the complete  wardrobe   of Equiline  clothing  and the hair dryer  all what was left from the 32 tons pay load was enough to  carry junior  Lickley’s   pony.
I  was instructed by the one that must be obeyed   (THE  Mrs  Flossy)  to go and  see  how the  OTHERS  travel  (ALWAYS HOPEFULL SHE IS)  and to go and see for myself Astrid’s Bolton horse box .
On the last  day of the show before departure time  I  walked to the top  car park and there was  the said  lorry  at her full stretch  with the side  pop out  over shadowing most of the other horseboxes,  with  Mss  Bolton  next to it,  phone to her ear and a perplexed  look on her face.
“What’s up  Astrid ?”  I asked.
She replied  “ We want to go home but the  B,,,,,Y  POP OUT will not go back in “
I  said  “   THAT’S  a little un usual  isn’t it?”
Without taking  her ear from  the phone  she said “ ABSOLUTLY  I was told by the guy  that made this box that his POP OUT will always go  in,  worst case scenario  to use my hands but  it’s much too BIG”