Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Rules for any eventuality

The members meeting , that took place during the winter championship , was a lively event  . In light of the new competition structure and the unknown future  that it will bring  , the members raised many relevant concerns, for each point raised from the floor  the BD  rules and fixtures executive  assured  the members that a rule has been or will be  implemented  to maintain law ,order and fairness of the new system .
No one will be able to take advantage of the new  competition  system  and structure because we have  RULES.
From the back of the room  a   masculine voice was heard  “seems like BD have a rule for everything”
The BD  rules and fixture executive replied  “YYEEESSSSE  Sir  we pride ourselves   for  FORWARD   thinking  of any eventuality  that may arise,  pre-empts   any situation  with  an  appropriate rule, INFORM the membership,  INSTRUCT  the stewards  and run an efficient happy for all  show!”
From the back of the room  the   masculine voice, “ I suppose  you even have  a rule  defining what I can  or can’t  do with my wife!!”
“No Sir  we DO NOT go to this extent”  the BD  rules and fixtures executive replied.
From the back of the room  the   masculine voice again  “So it is not contrary  to BD rules  if I snuck on my wife from behind  grabbed   her  BB   with both hands  while   pressing  my body  with full contacts  to her even  BB  and proceeds to do  you know what,,,,,,,”
The rules  and fixtures executive responds  was clear as crystal    “SIR!! What is between  a man  and his wife  or to this matter between man to his man  is between a man and his partner   , it is of no concern  to   BD  members ,  judges  or anyone with any official roll within  BD”
“WELL !! “    the    masculine voice From the back of the room   was heard again “In this case you better  make  sure your ring side steward in charge of the main arena   is well  acquainted with  the rules   HE WAS MIGHTY PISSED OFF WITH ME AND MY WIFE THIS MORNING!!”