Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Husbands for Divas

Two Dressage Husbands   were sitting together  during  the Myerscough  premier league  show ,exchanging life experiences.
The  young one  asked the  senior  one  “Have you been  in this game  long?”
The reply was  “ 32 years, 7 month  ,   6 days, 27 minutes   and  14 seconds”.
“And  you are still at it? “   The young one  said with a look of astonishment and admiration “ I have been in it only since July  and I am so   frustrated, confused  and lonely, if I got  one ounce  of the care and attention that  old   Birdie  gets I’ll be  the  happiest  married man in the world, as it is I have to settle for Safeway  economy  breakfast cereal  while Birdie gets  top of the range specifically  prepared  D&H    micronized special mix, dirty house  while his bed is dealt with 3 times a day.
I know my place  and I know the horses  were there before me , yes I should have noticed the  breeches under the wedding dress   all this and  more    however  I never envisaged  the long   lonely hours , empty   house, DIY   meals. DIY other things  etc etc etc     HOW DO YOU COPE ? the young dressage husband asked the senior one.
The senior  dressage  husband  removed  an imaginable speck of dust from his  new  immaculately  washed    KK   sporting  jacket  and said . 32 years, 7 month  , 6 days 26 minutes and 13 seconds ago , as  my  newlywed wife  was about to leave the wedding party   for some dressage competition  I  told her  “  hope you win  this BD WALK HALT test   SUE”, Since then for  32 years, 7 month  , 6 days 26 minutes and 12 seconds  I   always  come home to a homemade   meal in a clean house, slippers  warmed up by the  reclining  chair  etc etc etc.”
“Whooo  how come ?  from just saying   ,    hope you win  this BD WALK HALT test   SUE , how come?”
“Simple my friend “   the senior dressage husband said  “ my wife’s name is  ANN”