Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Window shopping and horse buying

Window shopping  Like buying horses
During the  Amsterdam  show One   Dressage  husband   used   the free time between  classes  to explore this famous city  and visit the well-known  tourist attractions.
On his return to the show ground  his wife  the Dressage Diva  inquired  where  has  he  been  for that length of time.
“Well  I have been  doing a bit of  WINDOW SHOPPING  “  was his reply.
“WIDOW SHOPPING  you  in Amsterdam “  the wife bellowed at him.
“Don’t worry   dear I did exactly what    you do when  you go horse shopping    I looked, felt,  Tried  (several times)   and then walked out without buying !! “was his respond.