Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Topics of conversations

During the Addington high profile show two topics came up regularly in conversations among the present dressage fraternity.
The first topic to raise concern among riders and followers was the FEI latest move to shorten the GP tests by removing some of the current movements.
It is well accepted that most trainers have a speciality ,some are very good at flying changes, another can train even a three legged table to piaffe in two beat rhythm , not to be forgotten the guy that reintroduced the halt back to the Dutch system and by this gained world recognition as the best halt trainer in the world.
While the FEI holding their cards close to the chest and not revealing which movements are to be removed from the GP tests and which will still be performed this year ,the trainers are in a high state of anxiety as regards to their financial future, some already enrolled on different courses preparing them for a future where their current skill is no longer required.
The situation effects not only trainers but also other stake holders in the sport , for instance a well known photographer informed me that if the FEI will continue to shorten the GP he will be obliged to stop working at dressage shows because his high tech camera is not equipped with a shutter fast enough to photograph a whole Grand Prix TEST.

The second topic to be mentioned on many occasions was BD riders groups and the benefits the present system offers to the wider membership.
Many members pointed out that while BD competition structure offer good opportunities to many categories of members , the different levels with the restricted and open sections,junior ,young , amateur member etc. etc. all with their special championships and awards, one group is conspicuously not catered for and they are the STILL RIDERS.
Not still as with still hands or with steel competitive character but as the riders that when ever they meet some one they have not seen for years they get asked “AND DO YOU STILL RIDE?”

Come on BD some of us need our own championship judged on one movement only the standing STILL.