Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Sporting award

So our Charlotte   is up for the  SPOTY  award   and let’s hope she gets it, however    there is one award   Charlotte  is not  nominated for   (and   rightly so )  this is the award for the  sporting   athlete  with    highest  monetary  value     human or beast .
After  an extensive  elimination process  the last two contestants for this year award  were  the exceptional race horse Frankel   and  one  Manchester United football player  known for his hot and not always   predictable  temperament.
Both  athletes were  valued   as a sporting commodity  in the region of  90  to 100  million  English pounds  the exact figure  to be determined   by    a panel of judges and  to be revealed  during a special presentation  run  by the BBC .
On the night,   the  O2   arena in London  was full to capacity  with members of the public  , friends, relatives and others  with  connections  to the two finalist . Clair  Bobins  the renowned  BBC sport presenter  opened  the envelope  and in a trembling voice  informed   to the eager  public   that   “ THE  winner of the 2014  most valuable sporting  commodity     is !  IS !!    ISssssss !!!!  THE ONE AND ONLY           FRANKEL “   the race horse .
On the way back to Manchester  there was total  silence  in the car  of the footballer . Eventually   as they pulled into Kuntsford service station    Coleen   his wife  could not contain her emotions any longer  and she turned to her husband  in a reproaching tone of voice .
“I don’t know how I am going to show my face at the country club  tomorrow  I am so embarrassed “
The footballer   “what about”
Wife  “  to be beaten by a horse  YOU  moron”
The footballer  “ He  has four  legs  me only  two!!”
Wife  “  YOU told me that  YOU are the most  expensive  sporting commodity in the world  WHAT THE   F,,,,,,,, (she is known for  her  use of the English language)   this horse have    more than    Manchester   United  striker??“
“I will tell you what this horse have   more than a Manchester United  striker “ The footballer said in a disinterested tone of voice”
This horse   get paid millions of pounds to do   what you said   that if you ever catch me doing    YOU will  remove   all my BALLS    including the one I play WITH.