Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Wining style

The debate  on BD forum  on the merit  of,     official    Qualifications       highlighted many  interesting views   as regard to training and learning styles ,modern  training  techniques ,    the   importance  of  the    connection  between  coach  and student   and their adjustability and flexibility in meeting student’s learning  needs  .
I feel that this is an opportunity to point out that   the relationship between  the number one   dressage rider  in the world  and her coach  only happened  due to the persistence    of one mother   that did not take   a NO  for an answer  , worn  the  trainer  down  until he agreed to take her daughter  on a trial  period.
On the  first day of this  trial period  the said mother delivered  the young girl to the yard   and before she departed on her way   back home   GAVE  the trainer a sheet of paper and said  “ I have put down  few pointers what YOU  NEED   to teach her “  she got into the car    and    as  in  an afterthought  shouted   at the trainer  “AND SHE LIKES TWO SUGAR AND LITTLE MILK in her  tea”.
The  trainer  shrugged his shoulders raised his eyebrows  crumpled  the sheet of paper  into his  coat pocket   and mumbled to the people around him “MOTHERS!!”.
Some days later   while searching  in his pocket   for a  lump of sugar (for his horse)  he found  the crumpled   paper  which he forgot all about . Out of curiosity  he fished it out of his pocket un crumpled it    and then at the bottom,  of  the  wet soggy un crumpled  A4   sheet of paper,  in very small neat hand writing were two little words   “TO WIN”
And the rest  is  as  we say is     HISTORY