Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

You eliminate her

You eliminate her
Lady Suckley    was just about to start her test  , she was   trotting  around the arena  waiting for the senior judge  to ring the bell.
It’s going to be her day !  she could feel it , the horse worked in the best ever , Marco  (de Grabber ) her trainer  tuned the  horse AND her   to perfection , and then she  seen the senior judge   getting out of his box  and walking towards one of the other judges .
 “WHAT IS HE DOING ?  WHY  he is not   ringing the bell ?”  her mind went into overdrive  .
The senior judge exchanged few words with the judge at H   and then moved towards the next judge’s box.
“Stay focused,  stay focused !!!!”  Lady  Suckley  repeatedly  reminded herself , watching how the senior judge  exchanged   in turn few words with  each of the other   6  (7 in total)judges  .
“Thank God he is getting to the last one   I will be able to start, never in my life the horse felt as GOOD   and this moron is  having a chat with his fellow judges.
And then it could be heard  by everyone ,  the last judge in the   most irate  tone of voice
“For the umpteen times   NO I DID NOT RECIVE ANY MONEY FROM LADY’S SUCKLEY HUSBAND !!  , or  had   SEXUAL   relationship  with her!! , everybody knows  I don’t like girls any way  , AND NEITHER WITH HER HUSBAND !!!  He is much too old for THAT”.
And then in a relieved tone of voice   the senior judge   was heard    “  GOOOOOOD  , EXELLLLLEEEENT  so you can eliminate her for  ( breaking one of  FEI    Accepted Rules WHICH   is   not actual     a   Rule )       having too much BLING.