Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.


The mark of a GOOD dressage judge is the ability to convey  a message and opinion in  minimum number of words.
During    British Dressage  judges training  seminars  it is repeatedly  emphasised   that it is not the judge’s roll to give a written lesson on the dressage score sheet. Judges are told  to  deliver  a short comment ,  to the point,  without ambiguity   or double meaning,  MOST   BD  JUDGES   DO EXACTLY THAT.
A competitor  , Which for political correctness  will not be  identified    as  junior, senior , male , female , top  or bottom  or any other description  that may remotely identify   this member of BD,  returned from the national championship  in which he took part in the” BD HALT ONLY TEST”  with  the non-exceptional  score of 57.22%   for 33rd  placing out of 32.5  competitors.
He informed  his trainer  , that also  for political reason  will not be  identified   as  Junior , Senior, Top   or Old  in order to prevent identification ,  that according to the judges his test lacked   LIFT and the  training  aim   from now on is to create  more LIFT.
“LIFT”   his trainer  erupted   “What?   in a BD halt only test !!  “ where did you get  this from  ??.
“It is here on the sheet “  the competitor  , that for political,  reason   will not be identified as ,,,,,,,,,,,etc,    said ,” several times  the judge  put on the sheet with a  red line  underlining   it each time  LIFT”
The competitor  continued  “Even one helpful   kind  (???)  judge  got out of his car  and as I left the arena  shouted at top of his voice   LLLLLLLLL    , IIIIIIII ,   FFFF ,    TTTTTTTTT.
The trainer that for political etc, etc  will not be identified  ,    grabbed    the sheet looked at it   thoroughly   and then said  with a smile     “Nothing to    or do “
“What do you mean  nothing to  do  ?  what do  THEY  mean   by   LIFT”   the competitor, that for political reasons   etc etc ,   replied .
The  Trainer  , that for political  etc etc etc   , said  “according to the judges   you have all the LIFT you need – you are     Lacking    In    f,,,,, g     Talent
Anybody   that feels   this is personal to them   JUST SAY SO