Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Who you are

One of the nicest   out come   from the recent successes   of our dressage riders   is the general  acceptances  by  the media and public  that dressage riders are not just wealthy toffee nosed    individuals  but actually real athletes.
Our top riders clearly demonstrated that  dressage is a demanding sport requiring  fit  body and mind , a lot of hard work , talent   and dedication.
With this appreciation  many new opportunities opened  to our riders  ,  one of them  is  media   talk shows   and TV games, suddenly every   presenter    MUST HAVE  a dressage rider    included  IN THEIR  POPULAR PRESENTATION.
During    the latest  “ SPORTSMAN   only   KISS  and TELL  “  show ,  the panel  consisted of representatives   from different  sporting  disciplines   to mention few ; swimming ,rugby  , gymnastics  and Dressage .
The presenter  opened the show   by explaining  that he will  introduce the contestants  by presenting each one of them with   two photographs  for the contestants to choose the one   most  representative   of their character  personality  and the public perception of their sport.
The first one to be presented   was the Rugby  player ,  he had to choose   between a photographs of a  450 horse power   Volvo     racing truck   and   a Robyn Reliant  3 wheeler  -- what a choice .
The presenter asked “and this is your final answer ?”
“YES IT IS “  was the reply .
“You are a man of POWER and STRENGTH  and so your sport  “ were the presenter’s  words.
And so  the introduction  continued    from one  candidate to the next  until   it was our dressage  rider turn   .
The game master  raised   two pictures in his right he had a picture of  Rooster  and in his left  a   feline cat  and he said “From the animal world  which one of these two is the closest   to your image  of yourself?   the athletic supple  mysterious  feline  or the brilliance assurance of the  Rooster??.
Without hesitation   the reply of the dressage rider was   “the  ROOSTER”
“One more time   which one of these  is the most indicative  of your personality?”     the game master  asked again .
“THE ROOOOSTER “ came the reply .
“WELL”  said the game master  “it is clear that you are a COCK man and not a PUSSY  man  , LETS THE GAME BEGIN!!!”