Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

On need to know

As   already been revealed   many dressage Divas overcame the FEI censorship  over bling and glitter  in the dressage arena   by  the procedure  known as Vajazlling.  As  dressage is all about image style  and beauty    some   male competitors  felt that  in order  to compete with the  Divas on  equal  terms   they should use similar  methods in similar regions  for  similar purposes . 
The  process is still in its embryonic stage  and so far has not gained an official recognition  or  official name     there  are  suggestions   for it to be called   “Testicdazzle or Dazzlydick    or something to this effect.   At   the moment   it is    taken up by  only  few,   which for obvious reasons  are reluctant to advertise   the fact that they support   this  new  adventitious mode of decoration.
During  the national championship  a top competitor   was circling the arena   prior to his FREE STYLE test   , the public  commentator/announcer   with his notes in front  of him    started to relay to the public that this is not just any competitor  but a Top Competitor , the   competitive successes and  accomplishments of this combination  are second to none    and the spectators  are   going to be treated to the  most “  DAZZLING “  display   of   free style   .
The test in matter of fact was as expected    an outstanding  performance  of choreography  intertwining   with   music   sprinkled with  technical  excellence.
On leaving the arena  the crowd  erupted   in ovations and   the commentator  in the most unrestrained  manner  announced   that that was the most  “DAZZLING”      display    ever seen  in a dressage arena  , it  can only be described as   “DAAAAAAAAAAAZZLING   !!!  no other word can describe what we have just witnessed” .
Later  that night  Top Competitor   approached his wife and  asked   “did you fill the   autobiography form???”
“YES “ she said.
To which he   responded     “When   it requested  on the autobiography form  as much information as possible ,  I don’t think they meant THAT   KIND OF INFORMATION dear “