Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Dont jump to conclusions

Don’t jump to conclusions

Top Competitor’s Auntie Betty was one of the oldest supporters of dressage , as long as anyone can remember Auntie Betty was present at every major dressage event ,like one of the compulsory fixtures by the side of the arena anti Betty would be sitting there .
Top Competitor on his arrival at a show would gently lead this elderly lady to the pre prepared , by the show organizer, chair and there she would stay for the duration of the event. Auntie -Betty was part of the scene for donkey years and all the riders, trainers and show officials took time to chat with her bring her cups of tea , insuring she wanted for nothing.
During the last WEG , in spite of the stringent security measures , anti-Betty as usual was given a chair right by the side of the arena among the dignitaries and VIPs.
During the lunch time break the senior FEI judge the chairman of the jury as he was walking towards the judges ONLY loos stopped by Anti Betty and inquired about her health and then asked if there is anything he could do for her , bring a sandwich or drink from the judges ONLY refreshment tent whatever she needs .
Auntie -Betty replied that she is OK and happy to sit and doze off a little until the competition resumes BUT Buster her Seeing Eyes Dog could do with a little leg stretch and a sneak behind a bush (as even the canine allocated loos were un acceptable for any self-respecting hound).
“It would be my pleasure “ the senior FEI judge the chairman of the jury said ,as grabbed the lead and marched off with Auntie -Betty’s Seeing Eyes Dog , with the latest model of Ray- Ban sun glasses covering his aching eyes.
As the two of them were walking towards the nearest bush a rider that just completed his test before the break turned to another rider and asked “TELL ME that one with the Seeing Eyes Dog over there wasn’t he the one JUDGING from C this morning ???? “.