Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Unlucky JT

Becoming top a trainer opens many doors and opportunities to meet other celebrities of the equestrian world. One of junior trainer new friends is A P McDermott the well known Irish NH jokey , A,P performances on the 4 legged fillies are legendary ,unfortunately for him all what make him so attractive for trainers and race horse owners is some what a handicap for interaction with 2 legged fillies.
How many ladies do we know above the age of consent who are still at 4ft6" high.
Although we man are often told that size is not every thing I am sure that there are other reasons then kindness that make the ladies say so (bank balance for instance) as every one that ever took part in a race knows that just before a finish at full stretch the last 1/2 inch at the end counts.
Due to his diminutive size when not riding A P spends most of his time " navel gazing" not his own obviously.
During the Cheltenham GOLD CUP festival JT joined his mate A P for some well deserved celebration as AP won a race and JT had a combination coming up trump.
The two lads decided to continue the partying in one of Cheltenham night clubs and the 2 of them got even luckier JT pulled a long legged bay filly and A P a short legged Chesnutt filly , They ended up at the Travel lodge AP and Chesnutt filly in one room , JT and Bay filly in the room next door, And then a calamity just as JT was ready to introduce this TB filly to the hidden delights of dressage moves the alcohol took hold and JT had a flop. no coaxing no urging all failed JT could not get a rise for the occasion. To add insult to injury he kept hearing from the next room the voice of A P repeatedly shouting "one two three here I come one two three here I come" on and on all night long.
Next day on the way to the airport JT could not hold any longer and confided in his friend."what an awful night what will this TB filly think about dressage riders , me JT the extension master had a real anti climax how annoying"
AP replied "yes" it was awful " I WAS TRYING TO GET UP ON THE BED ALL NIGHT"