Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

With out prejudice

One of the nicest things about our sport is  that dressage is completely free  of  racism ,sexism  or any other form of prejudice  that dogs other sports. 
How often  a rider gets taunted with boos and ugly jesters  for missing a flying change, I have never heard of a rider being shouted at  “go back to the jungle “ for taking a wrong turn  during a dressage test  and while   FIFA   hailing it as great move of emancipation  that one or two players dare come out of the  closet  .     In dressage   (For the two of us )   others  sexual orientation   never did or will play a big deal.
This is our sport and that what   we love about it,  however  outside  dressage the ugly head of intolerance  raises its head just when it is least expected.
Senior Trainer’s son  on his first day at school   had to inform the class  (as all the other students in turn  did)  about his background  and   family etc. When he came to his father’s occupation and mentioned that his father is a DRESSAGE   rider   the whole class  erupted in laughter  and scream  “YOUR FATHER IS GAY  !!! YOUR ,  father    is  GAY!!”  .The  poor child spent the rest of the day sneered and jibed at   with no idea what he has done wrong.
On returning home   he rushed to his dad  and asked  “DAD WHAT IS GAY    ??”.
“Being happy my son”  his father replied instantly.
“So you are GAY “  the child continued  .
“NO SON   I AM MARRIED TO YOUR MOTHER “  Senior Trainer  said.