Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Lost watch

Horses and working students are so alike and the same considerations must be applied when handling either.
We all know how important it is to take all precautions when introducing a new horse to an existing herd . This has to be done gently ,carefully and insuring that the delicate packing order of the herd is not disturbed.
The same applies when a new member of staff joins a group of settled contented working students, good handling of situation as this is imperative for the well running of any yard, particularly if the new comer is of the proper sex and the regular team is of the feminine variety .
I did not give the matter much thought until first thing this morning (before I even had a chance to take any of the ritual morning 3 S ‘s that has to be performed before any day can start) when I was belligerently accosted by one working student.
“What ? where ? who?” I inquired.
“Last night from the side table in my bedroom, it was taken while I was asleep” insinuating that the obvious culprit is a young man that just arrived that morning.
I tried to reason with the agitated girl that more than likely she miss laid it or the watch fell behind the bed etc “ it is unlikely that any body will go to that extent to steal a £1.75 Timex Eeyore watch and any way we are like a nice family here , we don’t steal from each other “. The effect of my words was as an olive branch to a Jihadist fighter.
However, true to experience few hours later the same girl arrived in the yard wearing the same £1.75 Timex Eeyore watch .
“So you found it ” I said (with a grin)
“where was it?”
“IN MY BEDROOM UNDER THE PILLOW!!! I don’t know how it got there “ head gesturing in a typical movement to such replies.
My next words were of advice in human relationship and the required skill for positive in between staff communication, and the need not to jump and spread unfounded accusations as the first recourse.
“OOhh YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW UPSET I WAS “ was the equine Jihadist reply.
“WHAAAAAAAT for a £1.75 Timex Eeyore watch ?” I could not contain My annoyance any longer that my morning ritual of the compulsory 3 S’s was disturbed for £1.75 Timex Eeyore watch .
“YOOOOOU don’t understand anything !!! it was not the watch, IT was the thought that there , in the middle of the night someone entered my room saw me in bed a £1.75 Timex Eeyore watch on the side table and they rather take the watch and WALK OUT “ she replied for the first time in a non-belligerent tone of voice.