Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Dogs wolves and respect

Dogs , wolves  and respect
Recent posts  on certain  Face book   sites  highlighted again   the divide  between  the competitive  dressage  riders and  those that call themselves  the   Classical exponents  of the art of dressage.
Not for the first time  a member of a  classical   group  posts  a photograph,  taken during a competition  of an unsuspecting  rider , and on the pretext of  education,  horse protection   and any other charitable  cause,  proceed with the help of like-minded  people to tear apart any aspect of the chosen rider’s  training  technique , horse care  and personal relationships he has with his spouse  in-laws etc.
On the same opportunity  a totally indifferent photograph  of   a   member of this group draws  enthusiastic  comments  of adulation. Every prominent  member sends messages of support and congratulations    to this individual  as if  this  pre-selected chosen   photograph indicate some world beating achievement .
The whole scenario  reminds me   of a story   ,it is about  the day a dog  approached  a wolf   and asked him.
How come you  wolves are so respected  in the animal kingdom,  no one dare mess with you  ,  or take you lightly    and we  dogs  although   from the same family are considered just as pets , may be  as good friends  but no real respect.
The wolf  looked at the dog and said  “ it is all in ones behaviour and culture”. 
“What do you mean ?”  asked the dog
The wolf replied in a question  “When you dog meets another dog how do you behave , what do you do?”.
“What we always do  “ the dog replied  “ We wag our tails  SNIFF EACH OTHER FROM BEHIND   and make friends”.
The wolf  reply was  “Here lays the problem  HOW CAN YOU RESPECT SOME ONE THAT SHOVES HIS NOSE IN THE BACK SIDE OF OTHERS ????  When we wolves  meet another wolf  we    stare   each other  straight  in the face, lock eyes at each other and then without blinking  we RESPECTINGLY   depart,  each one on his  RESPECTIVE   business , THIS HOW YOU GET RESPECT”.
From that day  the dog  changed his habits,   whenever  he met  another dog   he followed  the wolf’s exact instructions, staring     everyone   in the eyes,   his nose kept clean and shiny  .
All went well,  respect nearly   granted,   until  he met the wolf again , excitedly  he rushed towards him heads on   ,tail wagging but eyes to the front , the wolf took one look and said   “STOP THAT NONSESSE  I KNOW EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE  , OTHER END PLEASE “.
This story  sums up the reality of  the  dressage  divide   to the point  , “SOME ARE DESPERATE TO BE WOLVES  BUT IN REALITY THEY ACT LIKE  DOGS”